The Wire returns

The best show on television returns tomorrow night at 9 p. m. on HBO. The Wire is the most honest, the most searching, the most moving examination of life in an American city that has ever been written or performed. It is the kind of work Charles Dickens would be doing were he alive today.

Here is a collection of recent stories to get you in the mood for the first episode of season five.

“Charm City’s Cops and Robbers, Schoolboys and Stevedores” in The New York Times recounts the first four seasons.

Bittersweet Work of Wrapping ‘Wire’ in The Times is a profile of director/actor Clark Johnson.

“One Last Case to Solve For Detective on ‘The Wire'” from Reuters is a profile of actor Wendall Pierce.

Tom Shales review of the final season is already online along with a slideshow, and a brief video on the shooting of the final episode.

Our previous paens to this brilliant program are here, here, here and here.

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