Theologians Tweeting?

The Christian Century posed several questions to a panel of their contributing theologians and scholars, asking them if they participate in Social Media such as Twitter, or if they read blogs, and all the rest.

We asked some expert observers of the religion scene how they are navigating the new media. What do they read, watch and listen to? How have their own reading, listening or viewing habits changed over the past decade?

They received some interesting responses (but, it seems, no one mentioned The Episcopal Cafe, we’ll give their article a shout-out anyway!)

Navigating the new media

From The Christian Century

The number of news sources has expanded tremendously in recent years, but much of this expansion has been in opinion journalism and news analysis, not original reporting. While traditional news sources are struggling to survive, new media sources—many of them openly partisan—proliferate.

Read the thoughtful responses and then let us (and others) know what YOU read? What blogs are in your blogroll? Are you Twittering, are you on Facebook? (There are 1215 people in the “Episcopal Priest Group on Facebook, and the church has a strong presence on Twitter, including the Archbishop of York.) How has your reading changed in the last few years?

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