Therapists and the “treatment” of homosexuality

The BBC reports on a new survey that sheds some light on how far out on the psychotherapeutic right wing the ex-gay movement, endorsed by many of the leaders of the schismatic movement in the Episcopal Church really is. A grand total of 4 percent of therapists in the study believe it is possible to change someone’s sexual orientation.

However, 17 percent said they would help curb homosexual feelings.

“Of course it’s incumbent on a professional to assist a client who wants help, but this should be done using evidence-based therapies – exploring their distress and helping them to adjust to their situation,” said Professor Michael King of University College London.

“We know now that efforts to change people’s sexual orientation result in very little change and can cause immense harm.

“We found it very worrying that there was a significant minority who appeared to ignore this – even if they had all the right intentions.”

Immense harm.

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