This Friday’s episode

Update on Sunday night: turns out they skipped this episode to advance the plot and get to the episode regarding Jimmy’s death before the Olympics.

Here are two questions prompted by the the episode of “Daniel” that will air this Friday night: Do you have experiences of prayer from which you feel that God is absent? If so, what do you do about it?

Some of the great mystics, I am thinking particularly of St. John of the Cross, have described the experience of losing the consolation that was once present in their prayer lives. If I am remembering right, that is what he was talking about when he first used the phrase “Dark night of the soul.” John and others portray this feeling of absence as a phase in a person’s spiritual growth, rather than a punishment. But it doesn’t feel that way when you are mired in the middle of it.

Anybody care to share their experience? I talked a bit about mine in a column I wrote when I used to work for Beliefnet.

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