This morning

Daily Reading for June 25 • James Weldon Johnson, Poet, 1938

O Lord, we come this morning

Knee-bowed and body-bent

Before Thy throne of grace.

O Lord—this morning—

Bow our hearts beneath our knees,

And our knees in some lonesome valley.

We come this morning—

Like empty pitchers to a full fountain,

With no merits of our own.

O Lord—open up a window of heaven,

And lean out far over the battlements of glory,

And listen this morning. . . .

And now, O Lord—

When I’ve done drunk my last cup of sorrow—

When I’ve been called everything but a child of God—

When I’m done traveling up the rough side of the mountain—

O—Mary’s Baby—

When I start down the steep and slippery steps of death—

When this old world begins to rock beneath my feet—

Lower me to my dusty grave in peace

To wait for that great gittin’-up morning—Amen.

From “Listen Lord: A Prayer” by James Weldon Johnson.

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