Top 50 Anglicans rolled out: 41-50

The Telegraph today begins a 5 day series rolling out the names of the top 50 most influential persons in the Anglican Communion. Not influential as in The Queen or George H. W. Bush, but as in those with influence within the communion. Today they give us names 41-50.

The list was drawn up with the help of a panel, “the Rt Rev Nicholas Baines, Bishop of Croydon; Giles Fraser, vicar of Putney; Rachel Boulding, deputy editor, Church Times; Jim Naughton, communications officer for the Diocese of Washington; the Rev Canon Dr Jane Shaw, Fellow and Dean of Divinity of New College, Oxford; Andrew Carey, columnist, Church of England Newspaper.”

Who do you expect to see in the top 50? Who would you like to see? Play along below, or at The Telegraph.

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