Touching the 3rd rail of church and state

If you are reading this today you are well aware that the 4th of July fell on a Sunday this year. Are you thinking your congregation makes too much of the Fourth?

Take our church and state quiz.

1. Yes or no. Did you sing “My country tis of thee” in church?

2. Yes or no. Did you sing more than one patriotic song and/or a patriotic choir anthem?

3. Yes or no. Did the US flag have a more prominent than usual place in the service?

4. Yes or no. Did the sermon have a patriotic theme?

5. Yes or no. Did the altar guild have red, white, and blue flowers on the altar, or some other patriotic theme?

6. Yes or no. Was there anything else patriotic about the service or fellowship today? If so, what was it?

Your rating:

4 or more questions answered yes: God bless America, and you.

2 to 3: You are a typical Episcopal parish.

0 to 1: Does your church even own a US flag?

Let us know how your church scored.

Also, what would happen if you tried to reduce your score next year?

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