Transitions at the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life

After two and a half years heading up the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life, its founder has stepped down from active leadership and preaching at the virtual cathedral, though he remains involved. The Rev. Mark Brown remains very interested in virtual ministry and has created prayer groups on Twitter (@Prayer4u) and Facebook (Praying People) in recent weeks. He will continue to be involved with the Cathedral in an advisory capacity.

This video features the Rev. Brown’s farewell address in Second Life, with images and machinima (motion capture) from his last service and the party held in his honor, as well as from the history of building the Cathedral:

“We really owe Mark so much for pursuing his vision for an Anglican church in Second Life. His work has resulted in the formation of a truly amazing community,” said Mary Wanamaker, chair of the Leadership Team that continues to helm the project and known as Cady Enoch in Second Life. “Our congregation is unique in all the world, bringing together not only Anglicans from a wide range of geographical locations, but from the full spectrum of viewpoints on what it means to be an Anglican in the 21st century. We have such a wonderful opportunity here to come together in the spirit of Christ’s love and learn from one another.

“Through the work of the Anglicans in Second Life Leadership Team, which I am privileged to be a part of, the community continues to grow and prosper. Mark will remain a part of our virtual worship community and work with us in an advisory capacity. We are very thankful that he will continue to share his gifts and insights with us as we pursue our vision of Christianity in the Digital Age.”

You can keep up with continuing developments at the Cathedral at its blog page,, and via Twitter at @slangcath. To visit the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life (Second Life software and account required), click here.

Brown’s blog, where he continues to discuss the theological, liturgical, and cultural implications of virtual worship and ministry, is at

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