True riches

Daily Reading for November 13

My prayers, of little worth though they be, will not fail you; I have promised it and I will keep my word. How happy we might be, if only we could find the treasure, of which the gospel tells us—all else would seem to us nothing.

How infinite it is! The more one toils and searches in it, the greater are the riches that one finds. Let us toil therefore unceasingly in this search, and let us not grow weary and leave off, till we have found. . . .

I know not what I shall become: it seems to me that peace of soul and repose of spirit descend on me, even in sleep. I only know that God keeps me; I am in a calm so great that I fear nought. What can I fear, when I am with him? And with him, in his presence, I hold myself the most I can.

May all things praise him. Amen.

From Daily Readings with Brother Lawrence, arranged and introduced by Robert Llewelyn (Springfield, Ill.: Templegate Publishers, 1985).

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