Tutu and his critics

The BBC Radio 4 program with Archbishop Tutu discussing homosexuality is now available here. The blurb:

Michael Buerk reports on the divide over homosexuality in the worldwide Anglican Church. He talks to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who expresses his feelings of shame over homophobia.

The 40 minute program intersperses clips from Tutu with critiques by former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey, the Rt. Rev. Robert Duncan Bishop of Pittsburgh, Stephen Green (Director of Christian Voice), Anne Widdecombe MP and Canon Chris Sugden (Anglican Mainstream). None of these critics explains why homosexuality is a sin; it’s in the Bible. They deny there is such a thing as corporate sin and brush aside Tutu’s argument that the church is diverted from mission to the truly needy.

The BBC maintains its archives for one week. Listen now.

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