Twitter goes both ways

Are you sure you’re ready to take the Twitter leap to market your parish?

Your church doesn’t need to be on Twitter, but if you’re on there (and promoting it on your home page), you should at least be paying attention when people send you messages.

Sadly, 17 churches didn’t even bother to respond, despite tweeting in the interim. We decided not to list them here for a public shaming, but we’ll be sure to reach out to them and let them know we think they can improve in this area (nicely, of course).Another five didn’t tweet anything in the past five days, so we’ll be a bit more forgiving, but we’ll still let them know about this article.

Unfortunately, the conclusion of this new experiment is roughly the same as last time: pitiful. And between both experiments, of 36 churches that I contacted, all of whom promote their Twitter account on their home page, only four of them replied.

Check out the rest of the post here — it points to tools that “help you stay on top of things fairly easily.”

I’m not sure whether the average St. Swithens that sets up a Twitter account even realizes readers can communicate with them on Twitter using @stswithen and how to reply if they do. But maybe my expectations on church communications are low.

h/t @Liturgy

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