Two springs

Daily Reading for March 28 • Friday in Easter Week

Holy Week is the world’s sacred Winter;

The earth is a widow, the skies are sere,

There’s a sound of scourging and nailing in the vinegary wind;

And the darkness chokes the Son of Man.

But spring, two springs, are coming to the world

From the depths on the third morning:

The lily, the primrose and the daffodil

Will follow the Saviour from the Egypt of soil.

The rejoicing is green and white, the praise is yellow

Because the new Adam has risen alive from the grave;

And the ivy, tying itself round the tree like the old serpent,

Is for us eternal life with God.

Gwenallt, Gwreiddiau, 1959 translated by Patrick Thomas, quoted in A Celtic Primer: The Complete Celtic Worship Resource and Collection, edited and compiled by Brendan O’Malley. Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of Morehouse Publishing, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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