Understanding international church conflicts over sexuality

“In various denominations, debates on sexual ethics and treatment of minorities have sparked heated international controversy. This is sometimes seen as a conflict between a ‘liberal’ west and ‘conservative’ south. But the reality is more complicated. Savitri Hensman explores the issues:”

Both acceptance of, and hostility towards, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people can be found across continents and cultures. And, while those most opposed to celebrating, or even allowing, same-sex partnerships sometimes claim to be protecting their people from the influence of the west, their actions serve to reinforce global power imbalances and western domination.


1. Introduction – page 1
2. International divisions and a show of independence – page 2
3. Social change, clashes, and colonial legacy – page 4
4. Thwarted progress, church divisions – page 5
5. Cry for life: following the Jesus of faith page 7
6. A new millennium – page 8
7. Hope for a different world – page 10
8. The author – page 10
9. Related reading and research – pages 10-14

Full research paper here in PDF.



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