US exporting anti-gay hatred

This article in the Advocate has a good comprehensive look at how some anti-gay American evangelicals export the culture war to Africa. This article sets the wider context surrounding our the Anglican Communion’s issues.

Dangerous Liaisons

Antigay Americans are losing the culture war, so they’re exporting hatred to Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria — where their fervor is so welcome it threatens to sweep the entire continent.

By Jeff Sharlet in the September 2010 Advocate

Death sentences in Nigeria. Prison terms in Malawi. Violent, homophobic rhetoric spewed by dictators in Zimbabwe and Gambia. Perhaps nowhere on earth are gays persecuted more than in Africa — ground zero for a culture war waged by U.S. religious and political leaders. Through the lens of the missionary hotbed that is Uganda, Jeff Sharlet, author of C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy, reports on the deadly consequences of evangelicals’ antigay exports.

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