Vandalism against All Saints, Chicago, soup kitchen

This morning, we posted an item about a story in The New York Times‘ Chicago edition about the soup kitchen at All Saints Episcopal Church. A few hours later, our friend, the Rev. Bonnie Perry, All Saints rector, texted us to let us know that the church had been vandalized.


The vandals had apparently read the Times’ story, which juxtaposed the wealth of All Saints’ neighborhood with the poverty of patrons of the soup kitchen. It concluded:

Oh, the couple across the street just put the Abbott House on the block for $2.3 million. Buy it and the porch will provide a box seat view of our complex economy. And, if so inclined, consider walking into a place like All Saints and keeping fellow citizens from drowning.

The vandals knocked out one pane of a stained glass window and slid a garden hose through the opening. One third of the sanctuary sustained water damage.

All Saints is the tenth largest church in the Diocese of Chicago.

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