Vestry says don’t vote

More news from the swirl of controversy surrounding Grace and St. Stephen’s parish in Colorado Springs:

Faith at Altitude: Vestry says Don’t Vote

“We ask that you not participate in this vote both because it is unlawful and because its outcome has already been determined,” the vestry told parishioners in a May 3 letter. Grace’s Web site states it’s now part of CANA, and the banner in the sanctuary is that of CANA, too — replacing the Episcopal flag.

The Grace Episcopal vestry called Grace CANA a “secessionist congregation now occupying our property,” and argued the whole vote was anti-Episcopalian, and anti-Anglican, for that matter.

“We don’t vote locally about parish migration,” the letter read. “If Father Armstrong comes to disagree with Archbishop Akinola (who leads the Nigerian province) or if Bishop Minns (leader of CANA) investigates him for wrongdoing, what then? Another move to another bishop followed by another sham vote?”

There’s much more, and also the text of the letter that was sent by the leadership of the “episcopalian” portion of the congregation, at the link above.

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