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It seems just about everyone is making up their top lists for the year. Didn’t they know that Santa already made his list?

USA Today offers their readers to vote for the “top religion newsmaker of 2009”. Check it out. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain about who wins.

Year in review: God, politics, pop culture intertwined in ’09

Vote: Who do you consider the top religion newsmaker of 2009?

USA Today

The choices include:

President talks religion, U.S. Catholic bishops lobby, Pope Benedict XVI surprises, Warren speaks out, Oral Roberts dies … and:

Anglicans split

Catholic and Anglicans were surprised in October by an abrupt announcement from the Vatican opening the doors of the church to traditionalists to convert — and bring married priests with them.

But leaders of the U.S. traditionalists essentially said, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Many parishes had already withdrawn from the Episcopal Church to join the Anglican Church in North America. It was established in June and excludes gay and woman

And, there is still time to nominate your top newsmaker story of the Episcopal/Anglican world as well, as we posted on Tuesday:

“What are your top stories in the Episcopal sphere? or other religious stories – add them here or on Twitter #10Episcopal or on our Facebook fan page here.”

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