Voting is an act of stewardship

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori calls voting “an act of stewardship” as the United States approaches its general election on November 4. In bulletin inserts available to congregations, the Presiding Bishop reminds all Episcopalians to approach the election with prayer, remembering their baptismal vows.

As caretakers and stewards of all of God’s creation, each one of us is responsible for the flourishing of the rest of the human family. As in all elections, on 4 November we have the opportunity to continue working to reconcile and heal the world. I urge every citizen to use this opportunity to motivate our government to respond to, and participate in, building the Reign of God. We prepare the ground for the possibility of more abundant life through our part in the ministry of governance.

Voting and political participation are acts of Christian stewardship, in which citizens can engage in a common conversation about the future of our nation and the world. I urge you to exercise your right to vote, and to encourage and help others to do so as well


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Bulletin inserts are available here.

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