VTS recognized by Metro DC PFLAG

On April 10, at its 13th Annual Honors Gala, the Metro DC chapter of PFLAG (Parents, Family, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) awarded Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) with its Faith in Action Award for its twenty-year commitment to the inclusion of homosexual students, faculty, and staff. The award is given to those members of a particular faith or place of worship that have shown commitment and affirmation to the LGBT community as well as to their parishioners.

“I almost didn’t apply to VTS,” noted VTS Middler Mike Angell, “because I had heard terrible stories about the way LGBT people were treated here. I was told, ‘you won’t be comfortable there, it’s not an inclusive space.’ That reputation was outdated and inaccurate… it is a story of resurrection to which I can only say: alleluia.”

Read it all in June 2010 issue of News from the Hill: here (slow PDF download).

The award was previously mentioned here.

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