War, heroism and the followers of Christ

Gary Hall, rector of Christ Church, Cranbrook, has written an excellent reflection on Memorial Day. I invite you to add link to other Memorial Day reflections in the comments.

He wrote:

Wilfred Owen died in battle just a week before the Armistice in 1918. His poems have stood as a reminder that, given the mechanized, hi tech efficiency with which we now can kill each other, modern warfare will be exponentially ever more grisly both to participate and behold. Our notions of heroism must evolve with the evolution of warfare. We should correspondingly praise and thank those who engage in military service on our behalf.

If Memorial Day means anything to us as followers of Jesus, we must see it as an occasion to renew our commitment to stand and work for peace, to help build a world in which the youth of our country will be able to live the fullness of their lives in the blessings of peace. As we celebrate this day, let us give thanks for those who have given their lives, let us honor those who continue to serve, and let us dedicate ourselves to being agents of blessing and peace.

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