Washing the feet of the poor

In most Maundy Thursday services the clergy wash the feet of members of their congregations. But Bishop James Mathes took to the streets on Thursday along with members of the diocese of San Diego to wash the feet of people living homeless and in need.

“Thursday’s Interfaith Community Foot Washing hosted by the Episcopal Church Center in Ocean Beach served about 200 people, offering new shoes, from hiking boots to sandals, for which needy guests had pre-ordered during church-sponsored dinners or food giveaways. The Right Rev. James Mathes, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, and others, washed guests’ feet. Participants also received breakfast, new pairs of socks, hygiene kits, haircuts, access to free medical, dental and legal services as well as social service providers. The event was meant to communicate to local homeless that they are not invisible, and to connect them with services that can help them lead healthier lives.”

Follow this link for pictures of the event.

You can read a transcript of the broadcast coverage of the event as well.

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