What did he say this time?

Peter Akinola:

We are especially concerned about those who are using large sums of money to lure our youth to see homosexuality and lesbianism as normative. We must consistently and faithfully teach about God’s commands on this ungodly practice and help those with such orientation to seek deliverance and pastoral counsel.

It was also our great delight to welcome to our meeting, the Rt. Rev Bob Duncan, Bishop of Pittsburgh in the USA, and Moderator of the Common Cause Partnership which is a fellowship of about 11 Anglican groups that are determined to maintain the Biblical and historic convictions of our faith, including CANA (also represented at this meeting by our own Bishop Martyn Minns).

Despite sentiments like these Minns praised the recognition recently bestowed upon the Anglican Church in North America by the Church of Nigeria amd saying, “Once again, we within CANA are grateful to the Church of Nigeria for creating a formal branch between orthodox Anglican congregations in North America and the well-respected Province, as the Church of Nigeria did for CANA several years ago.” Bishop Duncan added, “Both in Nigeria and in North America,we understand our mission very similarly, that is, to reach our societies with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.”

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