What have we done?

The New York Times this morning offers its readers an overview of the House of Bishop meeting taking place later this week with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Primates Standing Committee and the Standing Comittee of the Anglican Consultative Council. Regular readers of The Lead may find little news in the article. Bishop Parsley was interviewed and here is that portion of the article:

[S]ome bishops, including some theological conservatives, take issue with outsiders telling the American church what to do.

“I think they’re pushing us because they want to polarize the issue,” said Bishop Henry Parsley of Alabama, who did not vote for Bishop Robinson’s consecration. “The primates want us to say that we don’t approve public rites of blessing, and we have not done that. They don’t want us to approve gay bishops in committed relationships, and the 2006 general convention resolution makes that unlikely. Basically, what I’m saying is that what they are asking is essentially already the case.”

Read it here.

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