What love is this!

Daily Reading for October 20 • Henry Martyn, Priest, and Missionary to India and Persia, 1812, and William Carey, Missionary to India, 1834 (transferred)

The manner in which our Hindu friends recommend the gospel to others is very pleasing. They speak of the love of Christ in suffering and dying, and this appears to be all in all with them. Their conversation with others is somewhat like the following. A man says, “Well, Krishnu, you have left off all the customs of your ancestors; what is the reason?” Krishnu says, “Only have patience, and I will inform you. I am a great sinner. I tried the Hindu worship, but got no good; after a while, I heard of Christ, that he was incarnate, laboured much, and at last laid down his life for sinners. I thought, What love is this! And here I made my resting-place. Now say, if anything like this love was ever shown by any of your gods? Did Doorga, or Kalee, or Krishnu die for sinners? You know that they only sought their own ease, and had no love for any one.” This is the simple way in which they confront others; and none can answer except by railing, which they bear patiently, and glory in.

From a letter from William Carey to Dr. Ryland, June 15, 1801, quoted in Memoir of Dr. Carey by Eustace Carey; found at http://www.missionaryetexts.org/pdf/Memoir_of_William_Carey__D_D_.pdf.

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