What’s going on in the Diocese of Dallas?

While the world has been focused on the Vatican and what it is saying or not saying, the Diocese of Dallas seems to be preparing for becoming independent of The Episcopal Church:

From the Via Media USA Steering Committee:

The talks by Bishop Stanton, Philip Turner and Mark McCall (of the Anglican Communion Institute, ed.) asserted that the diocese was an autonomous and independent unit capable of rejecting measures passed by General Convention and of dealing directly with the Anglican Communion. (McCall and Stanton addressed governance. Turner the Anglican Covenant.)

Lionel Deimel reports on the convention:

Little has been said about Dallas’s annual convention that took place last weekend. No resolutions were offered, but Bishop Stanton staged an ACI-flavored pep rally, not only for the Anglican covenant itself, but also for the diocese’s ability to ratify it, not simply endorse it. Dangerous waters lie ahead.

As ENS reported, no resolutions were considered at the convention, though, of course, the usual elections for Standing Committee and the like were held. To say that deputies “studied and discussed the Anglican covenant,” however, does not capture the essence of the event. It would be more correct to say that the deputies were propagandized or indoctrinated about the Anglican covenant.

The centerpiece of the convention was a trio of talks aimed at promoting adoption of the covenant and justifying the right of the diocese to approve it. These talks were given on Friday, October 16, 2009, by the Rt. Rev. James M. Stanton, Mr. Mark McCall, and the Rev. Dr. Philip Turner. The discussion was conducted in small groups at tables at which deputies from the same church were separated.

Read more from Lionel here as well as links to the speeches.

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