Which “Daniel”?

Update Sunday 11:02

Tom in Arlington posted this a little while ago:

As for me, I won’t be visiting this blog again. It’s become a vexation to my spirit, with too much bickering and too little in the way of genuine argumentation, polite discourse or genuine effort at human engagement.

I hate to admit it, but I agree. If I wasn’t the moderator, and didn’t have some notions that I wanted to try out, I wouldn’t come back to the conversation that has unfolded on this thread, either. This isn’t to blame any individual, to suggest that none of the posts were worthwhile, or to assume that difficult issues can be discussed without passion, just to say that the thread has deteriorated in the manner that Tom suggests.

I hope to have a new rotation for moderating the blog worked up next week. But in the meantime, can I ask those of you whose comments consist entirely of attacks on other people’s comments to visit the new thread above this one, give it some thought, and post something that might help us move forward.

Update Friday at 10:19

Folks, this was just a little squib of a thread about which Daniel was actually going to air tonight. Somehow it morphed into something else while I wasn’t looking. If there were such a thing as times out on blogs, I’d call one.

I understand that people feel passionately about issues involving the media, the Supreme Court, the ACLU, etc. But I ask you to please take those converations elsewhere. We’ve got enough on our hands just trying ot figure out what it means to be a decent Christian without introducing a wider array of divisive issues to the blog.

I have had an email from Jack Kenny, creator of “Daniel”, who thinks tha an episode called “Withdrawl” that will be Webcast tonight. In this episode Daniel tries to quit Vicodin. We’d previously thought it was an epsiode called “revelations” in which Jesus stops talking to Daniel.

So now I am confused about which episode will be on. Whichever episode makes the Web, it will begin at 8 p. m. eastern on nbc.com, and will, apparently, be available online for a week.

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