Who put these guys in charge?

That, in so many words, is the question being asked about the Anglican Primates in this editorial by Leanne Larmondin of the Anglican Journal which covers the Church of Canada.

She writes: The Canadian church – and any other province in the vast Anglican Communion that feels strongly about the polity of the church – must assert its autonomy and push back at attempts to usurp its authority. While CoGS did refer the draft covenant to dioceses for study, its working group that will draft the Canadian church’s response to the covenant would be wise to repeat the language used in its response to the Windsor Report. That report, produced in 2004 by an international commission, outlined ways of healing divisions within the Anglican Communion over human sexuality; CoGS endorsed a response that the Anglican Church of Canada would make decisions on the dicey matter of same-sex blessings, “mindful of the common life of the Communion and in response to the leading of the Spirit, as we see it in our own context” (italics added).

Hat tip Doug Simonsen

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