Whole lot of religion going on….

In what is supposed to be the most secular city in the nation, there is a whole of lot of religion going on this weekend in Seattle. But don’t be surprised if it looks a lot different that what most of us are used to.

Tim Matthis, who describes himself as “your basic youth minister/AIDS activist, writes at “Relatively Faithful” about what’s going on:

The Seattle Green Festival (HUGE! Tons of hippies, the Mayor, and so forth!)

Seeds of Compassion (HUGEST! The Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Dave Matthews (blech), Rob Bell, Steven Charleston, sold out football stadiums…)

Healing our Planet Earth (A little less HUGE than Seeds of Compassion, but HUGER for Episcopalians than the Green Festival! Sally McFague, Katherine Jefferts Schori, ME (well, I’ll be helping with sign-ins anyway))

Everything must Change (Less HUGE than the rest, but potentially HUGER for emerging church types. Brian McClaren and friends).

Why in the world is it all happening in the same city on the same weekend?! I can be at one of them anyway…

Relatively Faithful: The Weekend in Seattle….

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