Why marry after all these years?

There’s a growing trend in Great Britain (and in the States) of people not feeling the need to be married before they have children together.

So why do people then get married after the children arrive? According to Donna Dawson, a UK specialist, the reasons are complex.

“She says even when couples say there isn’t a specific reason, there is “always something going on underneath”.

“Sometimes it is about marking a different stage in a relationship, or they might have taken a long time because of the bad example they were set by their own parents. There is usually a reason, even if they are not fully aware of it.”

Read more here. Interesting factoid at the end, for a majority of British, weddings are about the celebration, not the commitment now.

Are we seeing this more commonly in the Episcopal Church? What sort of pre-marriage preparation is then helpful, assuming the couple is choosing to get married in the church?

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