Wisdom from Dean of Phoenix Cathedral on anti-gay measure

Bravo to the Very Rev. Troy Mendez, dean of Trinity Cathedral in Phoenix, interviewed about Arizona legislation that would protect business owners who choose to discriminate against gay people.


The New York Times quotes an Arizona restaurant owner who offers this wisdom about the measure, which will become law unless Gov. Jan Brewer chooses to veto it:

“It sounds like it’s opening the door to hate and bigotry of all stripes,” said Rocco DiGrazia, a Tucson pizzeria owner, who on Friday attracted national attention via social media because he had posted signs on the restaurant’s doors declaring, “We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Arizona Legislators.”

“I make dinner for a living — I’m not a social activist,” Mr. DiGrazia said in a telephone interview. “But I do have a lot of gay customers and employees, and why are you trying to alienate these people?”

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