Wish List for Next PHoD

The unanticipated election of a new person from the House of Deputies to serve as President has been on a lot of minds this past weekend. We posted some questions earlier in the day that you might like to ask people thinking about running. And over the weekend Lelanda Lee, a member of the Episcopal Church’s Executive Council, posted some thoughts about what she’d like to see in a candidate.

She begins by discussing the changes that are happening to the Episcopal Church and other mainline denominations and continues:

“In this context, it seems to me that we need to elect a leader for the next three years (and possibly more years if such elected leader is deemed the right one and is reelected in 2015) who is a departure from the way we’ve always done things. As a member of the Executive Council in this past triennium, I have had a front row seat in observing our President of the House of Deputies, who is also the Vice President of Council, and the challenges faced by her. We need a leader who isn’t married to the way we’ve always done things, while also having an appreciation of our history, traditions, and how we got where we are today.”

Then she lists 10 things in her “wish list”. Some of them are obvious, like needing a leader with a high tolerance for conflict, and some are reflective of her experience on Executive Council and working closely with Bonnie Anderson these past three years.

Go read the whole list and then let us know what you think about it? Realistic? Is there more that needs to be added?

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