With Jesus on the fringes

The Washington Post, writing about Gene Robinson’s exclusion from Lambeth, offers some first-person accounts from Robinson, who they say is “a celebrity on a mission”:

It’s noted in the write-up that some 200 bishops did not come to the event, but…

But 650 of the 880 bishops invited did come. Robinson, with no invitation, showed up, too, though he cannot go to the official meetings. On Monday, he worked the sidelines as his fellow bishops — nearly all wearing shirts of the same deep purple — quietly strode across the campus of the University of Kent toward discussion and prayer meetings.

“I would rather be on the inside. It’s never okay to be relegated to the fringe by someone,” said Robinson, a charismatic man with short graying hair and rimless glasses. If he succeeds in explaining how he can be “unabashedly gay and unabashedly Christian” to even one more person who cannot fathom it, he said, “it will have been worth it.”

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