Women bishops “highly unlikely” for another five years

In a press release today the Church of England group Women and the Church (WATCH) reports:

At the recent meeting of General Synod, members were told by the Chair of the Legislative Drafting Group that it was “highly unlikely” that the vote on women bishops would be taken by July 2010.

It goes on to quote Professor Anthony Berry, a member of General Synod, from Chester diocese:

“It is inconceivable that the process of legislation to put into effect the decision of General Synod to proceed to Women Bishops should take more than a year and a half. Certainly the legislative process could easily be completed by July 2010. It would be negligent of the General Synod to permit the matter to drag on into the next decade. The business managers of Synod should already be considering having additional meetings of Synod to ensure that this business is accomplished.”

The press release is here [link to pdf broken]. Hat tip to Thinking Anglicans where further extracts from the press release can be found.

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