WorldVision changes hiring policy

World Vision, one of the largest Christian charities in the world, announced today that it would now be open to hiring gay people, representing a change in their employment policy.

Up until now, World Vision required all employees to sign a policy requiring them to observe certain moral practices, including fidelity in marriage, and celibacy outside of marriage–marriages which were explicitly defined as one man, one woman. Now, in a letter to Christianity Today, the head of World Vision has announced that people in legal same-sex marriages will be accorded the same recognition from the organization.

The letter stresses that this decision is based on a desire for Christian unity, “not a compromise”, and it’s worth noting that over 50 denominations contribute staff to World Vision, including both The Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Each of us has his or her own views on a wide range of potentially divisive issues, and the board and I are not asking anyone to change their personal views. We are asking, rather, that you not let your differences on this issue or others distract us from our work. We are asking you to unite around our sacred and urgent mission in the world and to treat those who don’t share your exact views with respect. If we cannot love one another, how will we show Christ’s love to the world?

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