Worship for the wiggly

The Hour Online captures a new trend in the Diocese of Connecticut:

A small turnout did not dampen the spirits for the debut of “Worship for the Wiggly” on Sunday afternoon at the Episcopal Church of Christ the Healer on Brookdale Road.

Described as an “informal, interactive worship experience for the whole family, where children of all abilities can respond to the story of God’s love in their own way” in the church flyer, the service was officially another partnership in the state-wide Rhythms of Grace program.

Rhythms of Grace, co-founded nine years ago by Linda Snyder and the Rev. Audrey Scanlan, is a way to “offer an experience of God’s grace and unconditional love through joyful play and the sustenance of sacramental nurture … together we form a unique expression of the Body of Christ,” according to the web site www.rhythms-of-grace.org.

“For some of us, our minds run faster than our senses can keep up; for others, our minds go slower than our bodies want to move,” said Rev. Kate Heichler, pastor of Christ the Healer. “This service welcomes children and adults to open their spirits to God’s love, however that is experienced.”

The Rev. Doug Wasinger reports that St. Thomas, Rawlins in the Diocese of Wyoming, is also using the Rhythms of Grace program:

This Sunday at 1pm St. Thomas launched “Rhythms of Grace” which is a worship experience that is designed for families of children of special needs. Don’t let that description scare you because it explains the Episcopal Liturgy in such a way that all people can participate and join in. Today the participants learned about Jesus’ Baptism by stepping into the River Jordan to hear the story and then practice a baptism with dolls. At the next baptism they will have a better understanding of what is taking place. It was fun to listen to the kids laugh and have a good time


What kind of children’s liturgies have you tried in your parish?

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