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The Anglican Church of Canada thinks that the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone has done quite enough.

In particular, we cannot recognize the legitimacy of recent actions by the Province of the Southern Cone in purporting to extend its jurisdiction beyond its own borders. We call upon the Archbishop of Canterbury to make clear that such actions are not a valid expression of Anglicanism and are in contravention of the ancient and continuing traditions of the Church. They aggravate the current tensions in the Anglican Communion.

For readers unfamiliar with the Anglican Saga, the Southern Cone is a church of vast territory (Argentina, Bolvia, Chile, Peru and others) but few people (20,000 to 30,000) that has attempted to annex dioceses and churches in Brazil, Canada and the United States (thus more than doubling its size.) These churches are often at odds with the Southern Cone on such seemingly essential matters as the nature of the Eucharist and the importance of the sacraments. But they are united in their desire to bar women, gays and lesbains from full inclusion in the Church.

The Primate of the Southern Cone, Archbishop Gregory Venables is a British evangelical who, for unknown reasons, is often treated by the media as a spokesman for the traditional values of the southern hemisphere.

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