Your morning assortment

1. An Anglican church building in Nova Scotia travels X miles south and becomes Baptist in the process.

2. How is the exercise of the power to help like the power to hurt?

3. Interviewing someone on a rainy day? Give them more than the usual benefit of the doubt.

4. The Haitian Renaissance of 2010 — posted just before the quake. Is it too much to ask for an economics profession that’s obsessed with questions like why Haiti is so poor?

5. The Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill is covered in a Wikipedia article.

6. The creator of Gumby attended an Episcopal Seminary.

7. Obama’s Defense budget removes don’t ask don’t tell.

8. The Catholic archbishop of Milwaukee is asks Wisconsin legislators not to lift the statute of limitations on lawsuits against child sex abusers. He fears it could bankrupt his diocese.

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