Your basic, everyday bestselling vampire novelist/senior warden

In a development that will no doubt displease Walter Russell Meade, who may still be venting his spleen over Episcopal Priest Barbie, The New York Times Magazine reveals that Charlaine Harris, author of the bestselling Sookie Stackhouse vampire novels, has served multiple terms as senior warden of her small Episcopal parish in rural Arkansas.

As a married woman with three children who lives in small-town Arkansas, how did you get so interested in bisexual vampires?
Honestly, I don’t know. Gay rights is just one of the social issues I’m interested in. I think that people might be less tense about it if we would all accept the fact that not everyone is wired the same way. I have a lot of friends who are gay, so it’s kind of a natural thought progression.

There are that many gays in rural Arkansas?

You would be surprised.

Are you bisexual?

No. I’m sorry. I’m just not that interesting.

I hear you’re active in the Episcopal Church.

I’ve had two or three terms as senior warden, but my church is very, very small, so we pretty much all take turns. Episcopalians are pretty thin on the ground in the central United States.

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