Your (church) website: design matters

If you think the content of a website is all you need, you may be wrong. Read about why design matters on a website; even a church website!

3 Reasons Design Matters On A Web Site

From B2B, Business To Community

There are tons of free web site solutions out there. And, believe it or not, as a web design and development firm we have no problem with this. Certain businesses might be just starting out or maybe they are restructuring and money is tight. We get that. We’d much rather they have a presence than none at all. Stepping stones are sometimes needed.

However, we don’t think this is an excuse for bad design. Design still matters. The web, for the most part, is a visual experience (factor in mobile, and the visual matters even more). Users tend to develop their initial level of trust based on superficial elements, i.e. design. And how they use the site is very much determined by how it is arranged visually and how well the information is presented.

Don’t think design matters? Here are three reasons why I think it does…

First impressions are more important than ever

Usability and user experience is crucial

Good design means greater control

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