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In the swirling mix of reactions to the statement from the Vatican, there have been all kinds of responses from all quarters. Of course, the Cafe has done its part to stir the pot as well, hopefully in helpful ways. In the midst of it all, humor, and especially satire, can be an extremely helpful palate cleanser. Satirist Gregory Beyer “Delivers the Email You Can’t Miss” courtesy of


You’ve Got Mail: Greetings From Vatican City! by Stephen Beyer at

You’ve Got Mail: Greetings From Vatican City!

Satirist Gregory Beyer Delivers The Email You Can’t Miss

by Gregory Beyer at

Greetings from Vatican City!

If you’re reading this letter, you’re probably a lifelong Anglican. You’ve worked hard at your faith and always played by the rules. But lately you haven’t been happy with certain developments. Maybe you’re even on the fence about your religion. Sometimes you drive past a Catholic church and wonder, “What goes on in there?”

Consider this your official invitation to find out. Since the Reformation almost 500 years ago, people have tended to emphasize the differences between Anglicans and Catholics. But there are a lot of similarities, too. For example, both Catholics and Anglicans consider themselves adherents of the one true faith, whereas people of other religions generally consider themselves in the top 10.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Changing religions sounds like a lot of work.” But we want to assure you we’re committed to helping make your transition as smooth as possible. You can even keep driving to your former Anglican church, and we’ll pick you up with our free weekend shuttle service.

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