Yumoto vacated from Executive Council position

Almost in answer to our question yesterday about whether Ted Yumoto can remain on the national Executive Council (here), Episcopal Life is reporting that the Province VIII executive committee needs nominations for a lay representative to the national Executive Council to fill the position considered vacated by Ted Yumoto:

The Rev. Jack Eastwood, Province. VIII president, said that a decision was made to vacate the seat held by Ted Yumoto of the Fresno, California-based Diocese of San Joaquin after Yumoto told them he “had voted to amend canons and the constitution of the diocese” to realign with the Argentina-based Anglican Province of the Southern Cone.

Eastwood said he was appreciative of Yumoto’s “stable and consistent” leadership to Province VIII and the church over the years. But, the provincial leadership “agreed that we need to have a representative who is professing to be a member of the Episcopal Church and not some other loyalty,” Eastwood said January 24.

“I’m really very sorry this is happening,” said Eastwood, the retired rector of St. Paul’s, Oakland. “But, we felt we needed to take this action for the province and the responsibility to represent it on Executive Council, we felt we needed to move forward on this.”

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