Day: January 6, 2006

An Interlude

Good evening everyone. Let’s take a break from a day of heavy posting and have a look at this short film about a few Episcopalians

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Afternoon Open Thread

One thing we have been noticing is how many posts in the comments section aren’t really responsive either to the posting, or to the other

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The Depiction of Jesus

One of the most controversial elements of Daniel seems to be the depiction of Jesus. To that end, I wanted to ask a couple of

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The News from Utah

The real Rev. Daniel Webster is quoted in this piece in the Salt Lake City Tribune. “To Webster, what’s at stake is a difference of

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A Passell of Reviews

Any moron who can use Google can find reviews of “Daniel.” Here are some of the ones we found. USA Today The Denver Post Newsday

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So’s Your Old Man

An AP story published on has brought the blog a bigger audience, and a somewhat more bumptious one. So just a reminder regarding etiquette:

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