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P. S.: Liberal Christians and secular lefties (welcome), but this means you, too. “You reactionary jerks!” is no more civil (or Godly, if you are singing from my song sheet) than “Heathen scum!”


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I am rather astounded that folks are so quick to condemn the show, and the Episcopal Church, based on press releases and reviews.

What is it that you find so offensive, anyway? That some of the characters are sinners? Or is it because members of the priest’s family are sinners? Or members of his church are sinners?

Folks seem to be leaping to the assumption that the show, and the Episcopal church, is light on sin. I can’t speak for the show, not having seen it yet (and neither can most of you), but if you think that’s true of the Episcopal Church, then you’re standing on the outside looking in. Come and see for yourself.

The depiction of Jesus is reported as being reverent, and he is never made the object of ridicule, or so the reviews and the creator have told us. So it can’t be the character of Jesus that has you all wound up. And since we are all sinners, it can’t be the fact that there’s lots of sinners in the show that has you so upset. So far, I’ve heard nothing to suggest the priest is an unrepentent sinner. So, what’s with all the outrage?

For those who might be visiting here who are not Christian, let me assure you that these angry folks are not typical. They are a small subset of Christianity. Rarely today will a Christian be so rude as to condemn you to hell for holding a differing opinion from them. And rarely will they beat you about the head with the bible either.

Watch the show. Then we’ll talk. In the meantime, ignore the fanatics. Eventually they’ll get bored and go play somewhere else.

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