Day: January 7, 2006

Daniel on the Web

Our friend The Salty Vicar blogged his way through “Daniel” last night, and his observations, as usual, are well worth a look. And our thanks

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Saturday update

The AP is reporting that so far, 4 NBC affiliates are refusing to air the show. NBC says these affiliates account for less than one

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Apres Le Show

Picking up where we left off: I look forward to more animation by he daugther about the family, and must disclose that she will be

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interval: to chew on

When Daniel asks Jesus abou his mom’s Alzheimers and Jesus says he can’t fix it, or won’t fix it. and D. says: “Yeah, I know.

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obnoxious insta-blog #3

As an Episcopalian who just recently started going to a church where rose gardens and golf games might be considered the norm (hey, the reigious

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obno insta 2

9 holes? who plays 9 holes? They are richer than I thought they would be. This is a common TV thing. People always have great

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Comments on the Debut

Those of you who are familiar with the spiritual tradition of guided meditation… well, the heck with you. This is an unguided meditation. The Book

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