Comments on the Debut

Those of you who are familiar with the spiritual tradition of guided meditation… well, the heck with you. This is an unguided meditation. The Book of Daniel begins at 9 pm EST. This is a thread for comments on episode one. A bit later I will post a thread for comments on episode two, which begins at 10 pm. I haven’t seen the show, so I don’t know if the transition between 1 and 2 will be seamless, but please confine your comments to the first hour. I may post a few more specific quesions later as the Spirit, or the spirit–and isn’t it always hell, so to speak, to work out which one it is?–moves me. But at the moment, I’ve got an interest in the following:

1. Does the show suffer from YAND (young adult novel disease). I have written a young adult novel. (It was called My Brother Stealing Second, and if it were still in print, I’d send you to Amazon) but the deal is: does every character embody a social problem to the extent that it blots out their individuality?

2. How is the script?

3. How is the acting?

4. What is the total affect?

5. The father of a Jewish friend of mine ued to ask after most news developments: Is this good news for Jews or bad for Jews? So, if you are an Episcopalian–granted you don’t have the same historic worries–is this good for Episcopalians or bad for Episcopalians?

6. Jesus: as portrayed on ep. 1, does he make sense to you or not?

7. If you just feel you have to say something ,and say it somewhere, what, in, say 200 words or less, did you think about the first 60 minutes?

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