Day: June 13, 2006

You must visit…

… Seriously, you must. Sean McConnell, my counterpart from the Diocese of California, is kicking off a podcasting site, and the first cast, should

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Night came the second day

Our deputation meets in the room adjacent to deputation chair the Rev. Frank Wade’s hotel room. The room is always packed because everyone from the

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Early evening skuttlebutt

A friend of mine is supporting Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori of Nevada for presiding bishop. Bishop Schori is generally believed to be an attractive candidate

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Canterbury via York

This just in: Text of a greeting from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, given to the House of Bishops and the House of

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I nominate Lionel Deimel…

…for something or other. He deserves to be recognized for the intelligence and civility he has brought to the same-sex dispute. Here, he and Christopher

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Belated first impressions

Although this is my fourth of fifth posting from General Convention, I am just getting around to setting down a few first impressions. I spent

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