The Passion of the Cucumber Sandwich

I passed on some bad information in a now-corrected posting below. The House of Deputies doesn’t meet in the worship space. It meets in the exhibit fall next door, the floor of which now looks a bit like an old time political convention, with all of the deputies sitting in rows puncuated by signs bearing the name of their diocese.

My friend Charley, a deputy from the convocation in Europe, tells me that at this morning’s session, in an exercise conducted to help deputies learn to use a touchpad voting system, deputies voted down a resolution to make the cucumber sandwich the official food of the Episcopal Church. Charley thought this did not bode well for the convention because it seemed to him to indicate that deputies lakced a sense of humor.

The Rev. Frank Wade, retired rector of St. Alban’s is co-chair of the committee handling Windsor-Report related resolutions, announced at the end of the morning session that due to the great interest in these resolutions, the committee will now be meeting in a ballroom that can seat 1,500. They are holding hearings today at 2 and tonight at 7, but the hearing on the two key issues–twin moratoria on the consecration of gay bishops and the authorization of public rites for blessing same-sex relationships–won’t be discussed until tomorrow night.

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