Day: February 13, 2007

Tomorrow’s Brits today!

Well, not all of them. Just Stephen Bates, actually. (Updated, Jonathan Petre, too.) His scene setter for the Primates Meeting is here. It includes this

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Endorsing schism

Ruth Gledhill, religion reporter of the Times of London has endorsed schism. Read it here. I thought I had gotten used to the British journalistic

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Another trip to Iran

A delegation of 13 U.S. religious leaders, including Maureen Shea, director of the Episcopal Church’s Office of Government Relations, will visit Iran February 17-25 to

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If this turns out to be true

(update late Tuesday PM) …then George Conger has himself a scoop. From the Living Church: “Anglican primates of The Global South will propose a two-province

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I told you she was good at this

Bishop Jefferts Schori quoted in the Knoxville News Sentinel: Anglicans might be compared to squids, as the former oceanographer and the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts

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One-stop shopping

If you were trying to explain the crisis in the Anglican Communion to someone who had just awoken from a very long sleep, this article

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