I told you she was good at this

Bishop Jefferts Schori quoted in the Knoxville News Sentinel:

Anglicans might be compared to squids, as the former oceanographer and the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori tells it.

“They are all created by God. They are all wondrous in their own way. Some of them can’t survive in the environments where others live,” Jefferts Schori said.

And, at Marshall’s suggestion, I call your attention to this quote, which articulates a Christology well within the Christian mainstream, and demonstrates a woman who is not going to start equivocating because of blog noise:

“Christianity in its breadth says that God became human in Jesus, that God revealed God’s full self in Jesus,” Jefferts Schori said in an interview with the News Sentinel. “It does not overtly say that God has never been present anywhere else, and I think that’s what irritates people.

“There is a desire to say ‘Well, I have the fullness of the truth, and there can’t possibly be any truth anywhere else.’ And if that’s our understanding of God, it’s too small.”

Read it all.

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