Day: February 19, 2007

Early reactions

Continuously updated. My reaction is in the item just below this one. Integrity has responded forcefully: The primates of the Anglican Communion have utterly failed

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The “schedule”

The Key Recommendations of the Primates from Anglican Communion News Service I have to say that while I am receiving calls from reporters asking me

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The communique has arrived

The communique is beneath the “continue reading” tab. Haven’t read it myself yet. Note, a crtical appendix is missing. No one has sent it to

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The communique

The communique from the Anglican Primates Meeting isn’t online yet. It supposedly allows the border crossings to continue and says we need not to authorize

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A deep breath

Update: The Telegraph. Nothing definitive. Kendall Harmon has wise counsel for us all as we wait for the final communique(s?). In summary, let our response

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